We are an established Company specializing in supplying frozen seafood industry and we also involved in business of seafood restaurant ( Dynasty Dragon Holdings Sdn Bhd ) with outlet located at IOI Mall Puchong , Klang Parade, C180 Balakong & Atria Shopping Gallery Damansara Jaya. We are looking for a workmate with a passion, who want to have an impact and don't mind getting their hands dirty. If this is you, don't delay - make sure you jump on this rare opportunity now. With a career under Sooi Keong Group, you’ll enjoy the freedom to grow as far as your talent and ambition can take you. We inspire people – to do more, to learn more, to be more and to pursue professional fulfilment whereby countless opportunities is there for you to explore.

For job application, kindly send your resume to or contact us for further details on the vacancy available at 03-42916812.

我们是一家专门提供海鲜行业的知名公司。我们还涉足海鲜餐厅业务 (名为皇龙饮食集团) 其营业地点位于IOI Mall Puchong, Klang Parade, C180 Blalakong 和 Atria Shopping Gallery。我们正在寻找充满热诚的人作为我们的同事。如果是您,请别犹豫!! 并且抓住这个难得的机会。凭借我们集团旗下营业的就业机会,发挥你的才能与抱负。我们会激励你们学习更多,做更多的事情追求专业的成就,从而有无数的机会探索。